calendar of live seminars

We currently do not have any courses posted for appraisers at this time. We have been diligently working to add and perfect our courses for you. Please feel free to let us know if you would like a course in your area. 
At this time the Environmental Awareness course and the FHA course are board approved in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 
The Architectural Styles course as well as the UAD course are currently only available in Vermont and New Hampshire. 
At this time all appraiser courses are listed at: $125.00 per person 
    We will be working with the Vermont Home Builders Association to hold a Lead traiing course on December 6th in Burlington Vermont. If you would like to enroll in this course you must contact the home builders association. You cannot auto enroll on our system for this course. You can reach them by phone at: 802-876-6200
At this time there are no EPA RRP courses posted on our calendar being directed by our office. We are more then willing to consider adding a course date if there are enough persons interested in attending one of these courses. 
 At this time our Online learning supplemental (hands-on) portions will be scheduled for the same dates and locations as our live seminars, but will begin at 1:30pm, with a general recommendation to be at the location a few minutes early to get  signed in.
All Live RRP seminars are held from 8am until 5:30 pm - there is generally an hour break for lunch, which is not provided.  We are open to new geographic area so please let us know if you would like a live seminar in an alternate location. If there is enough interest in a geographic area we mayput a seminar in that location or one close to it. At this time American Indoor Air has online and Live capabilities only applicable in states that do not have an alternate state program registered with the EPA.
You can enroll for one of our seminars, either live or online by clicking on the enrollment form tab on the left of this page. When filling out the form please do not put in credit card information. A representative from our office will call you by the next business day for payment information.
 We will be posting new seminars as they become available. 
Please keep in mind that HUD, as their regulations stand now, require that all persons working on a job site be certified. In the event that a business requires multiple persons be trained we would consider holding a private seminar for that business. Please contact the office manager at  for more details. 
The per person cost of our course is: $250.00 
You can enroll by clicking on the enrollment form tab on the left or by calling us at:
You can also mail in your enrollment, and course payment to:
PO Box 176
Randolph, VT 05060