Real Estate Appraisers course Information

We are excited to announce that we have Four continuing education courses certified for real estate appraisers.

Our UAD course:  
The Appraisal Foundation has expressed concern regarding FANNIE's abbreviated rating system potential to create a conflict with USPAP!    Do you understand the difference between a Q1 and a Q5 in terms of quality rating? How about a C-2 versus C-4 for condition? What will you do when you encounter a property that is between C-2 and C-3 and/or between Q3 and Q4?

 Can you identify the major architectural styles? FANNIE MAE will no longer accept "Traditional" as an architectural style.

 Learn how to effectively employ the UAD while avoiding USPAP conflicts and potential liability. Our instructors are industry experts.

 7 hours of approved appraiser CE credit in NH and VT.
Our Environmental Awareness Course:

This course is an in-depth break down of environmental hazards, and how they impact overall property value. This course includes a breakdown of property diminution and regression analysis, which are both useful tools for real estate appraisers that wish to comply with USPAP. This course is specifically targeted to address issues noted in Advisory Opinion 9 (AO-9). 

7 Hours of approved appraiser CE in NH, VT and MA. 


Our FHA Site Inspection course:

In today’s economy buyers are seeking more secured loans. As more and more loans are processed through FHA, due to lower cost or fixed interest, appraisers must be capable of insuring that properties meet FHA requirements. This course provides an in-depth look at site requirements, site utilization, land use restrictions, and most importantly how to analyze the site and how it relates to FHA guidelines. This course is designed to increase an appraiser’s knowledge of FHA site inspections and how they are directly related to the overall appraisal.

7 Hours of approved appraiser CE in NH, VT and MA.


Architectural Styles course:
 This course is an in-depth look at American Architectural styles. The particular style or period of a home can seriously affect a given property. This course aids the appraiser in identifying specific types of homes and the overall period that they are from. This will enable them to easily determine the affect the architectural design will have on the overall value and marketability of a property as it relates to their particular field.
We have linked the real estate appraisers courses into our enrollment form application. The courses are listed by date and location. The types are abreviated.

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