EPA RRP Information

Will your next renovation be affected by the new Lead Paint Law?

The answer is...

Most Renovations will be!

What steps can you take to avoid fines and help protect children against lead paint poisoning?

Get certified by attending an 8-hour live accredited RRP seminar, or attend at your own pace with our online course. This is supplemented with a 3-hour hands on seminar. Follow the rules by providing customers with EPA-required information, utilize lead-safe work practices, EPA-required cleanup methods,keep up to date on current changes to the regulations, and maintain required documents. Be sure that your employees are trained to use lead-safe work practices required by the rules designed to minimize occupants' exposure to lead hazards.

Changes to the regulations are generally available on the Environmental News page of this website.

Why was the rule created?

Hundreds of thousands of children under the age of six every year become lead poisoned. Renovation work such as window replacement and sanding & demolition can create lead dust & chips, which can harm children & adults. To protect against this risk, the EPA requires everyone to follow new lead-safe renovation practices.

What if I'm already certified?

As with any law, lead renovations regulations can and do change. This site tries to keep a relatively up-to-date notation of the laws and how they may affect you. We also have a products page offering many of the items that you will need at a reasonable price.

Violators may face fines up to $37,500 per day!